Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Tomorrow Bears Our Name

Although we are always presented with issues and problems that are out of our reach and seemingly impossible to resolve, they all have solutions. We can take a look at the tale of David and Goliath, in which David achieved the seemingly impossible when he slew the 9-foot juggernaut as a young boy. I am not trying to say that God was on Davids side; I am only trying to show that even the biggest of problems can be solved with enough patience and perseverance, or just with the right execution.

Politics and religion are both relatively convoluted subjects that, as mentioned in my previous post, when mixed together, prove to be a concoction of dangerous proportions. This osmosis of religion into politics requires a precise touch to be dismantled, the proverbial “hit to the nail’s head”. Although these solutions might not immediately show results, they intervene with the cruel systematic cycle of oppression and can overthrow it. These solutions might take society years to fully eliminate “political religion”, but it is the start of a societal change which can be marked as another point of evolution for mankind as a whole.

Clearly defining the difference between Church and State, and their complete separation- Although the United States Constitution has stated the separation of Church and State, it is not truly followed. We see politicians openly state their faith in their speeches, and thus make use of people
s beliefs and values to gain their support. However, if the constitution is enforced, then there is no reason for politicians to publicly mention their faith to gain supporters. If they are elected these politicians are expected by their voters to adhere to their religious beliefs and display their values through their preferred policies. By having a written legislation or act that limits a politician from displaying their faith during their political campaign or speeches, we can lessen or even eliminate religious disputes between different groups, successfully excluding religion from politics.


 Public Scrutiny- Sweden is a country that has incorporated this policy to its constitution, and it is now a Swedish constitutional right. This allows the Swedish public to get clear insights into government and municipal activities, thus lessening the chance of the abuse of power inside the government. This policy allows civil servants to inform the media and outsiders as well. By having a public scrutiny act in our society, we, as citizens, are able to know governmental plans and details, giving us a voice. We can have a definite voice if the public is put in a closer position with the government. This transparency can combat corruption, and allows the public to be aware of the interactions between the government, church, and corporations, thus slimming down the chances of religious or corporate lobbyists affecting the governmental decisions. This will then allow us to easily intervene with the cycle of oppressions that is presented in our society, as now we are provided with clear insights into the government.


 The basis for this solution has already been set by our governments; it is just not finished or refined to modern societys standards. However, we, as members of society, can bring forth the end of political abuse if we stand together and voice our concerns. Independence is crucial to dealing with this kind of social issues. With independence, individuals are free from the shackles of oppression as we discover our place in our own society.


Regarding independence, there are examples in modern-day society which display the meaning of “united” as one, overcoming all obstacles. Take Iceland as an example, ever since the country went bankrupt there had been many radical changes in its society and system. Its government was forced to resign due to the number of protests, and its constitution was completely rewritten by its own people. This is a great example of a modern day revolution. As we are able to fight the systemic oppression that is prominent in society, it displays that we, as citizens, have the power to overthrow governments. How does that relate to my topic? It proves that the public cannot be truly controlled by the government, even by religious means, and that even the seemingly impossible is possible to achieve. There are obstacles, but these obstacles can be overcome. The mixture of politics and religion is only a small piece of a problem, which gives birth to oppression.



  1. Edison,
    I appreciate the language and metaphors you continue to use throughout your blog. By doing so, I am always interested in reading more. Also, I feel you've chosen a very controversial topic; however, i commend you for stating your opinion and being one of those individuals you referred to as being "independent." I was happy to read that religion can be kept separate from politics and I hope that this is will be strictly enforced.

    1. Thank you Emily,

      As you said, since this is a controversial topic, I feel that I should use metaphors to help readers understand my topic. Also due to it's controversy, we, as members of society must do something about this issue, because we can't simply let it persist until the next generation, this was the mindset of the people from our previous generation and I feel as if throughout that period, society has deteriorated. We must not repeat the mistakes that history has taught us time and time again.