Thursday, 7 June 2012


We live in an age where technology runs rampant, and we are constantly immersed in it. Of course, the internet that is only about 20 years old have been a part of our lives, probably an extremely part of our lives. However, with the advances of the internet, it comes with potential dangers – misinformation, and spreading of misinformation.

As with all projects, one must do extensive research on the topic of their choosing, the internet serves as a medium between its users and the rest of the world. It gives the user the convenience of finding things with a few keystrokes. However, not all these materials present an impartial view towards a subject. In a world where users can masked themselves as anyone who they choose to be, it is difficult to determine whether a source is credible or not. This is the most likely one of the pitfalls of technology.

This proves to be challenging for good and bad researchers alike as they have to plow through biases and misinformation.  Thus it might hinder these people from developing their own individual opinions.
With technology I am able to create this blog post for the world to see, it makes information sharing extremely easy as if everyone around the world is only separated with the click of a button. But alas, I digress. The biases that everyone has will most likely be left in the information they present to the world. It is in the user’s hands to filter and come up with their own individual opinions.


  1. Hi Edison,
    I find that this post relates to your blog topic. That although the internet is in incredible way to pass information, the information is not always correct or true. Which relates to the information passed on by political figures, it might not always be true. And in spite of it all, we must remember that we are our own person with the ability to think for ourselves.

    1. Developing individuality seems to be lacking in modern-day society as youths are constantly exposed to the media where their thoughts might be derailed by the things they hear and read. It is also another problem, but much like political religion, the first step in eliminating these social justice issues is always spreading awareness.

  2. Hi Edison,
    I definitely agree that there are disadvantages to using technology, such as blogs, for school projects. While information is very accessible, it can almost be too accessible. It can easily be falsified, tainted and words can have a different meaning in a different setting and community. This is why it's important that if blogs are incorporated into further projects that the blog creators be aware of their information sources and verify that the facts are indeed true.

    1. Hi Michelle,
      I think for doing projects like these that requires research through technology helps students to develop their analytical abilities as they have to look through all the sources to see if the information are relevant to their topic with the least amount of bias. Though it can be challenging, but in the long run, it is able to help us develop skills which we can utilize in the future.