Thursday, 7 June 2012

Conjuring the Thoughts

Personally, when I partake in school research projects, I usually would take up topics that interest me yet at the same time provides me with a challenge. This topic is no different, as I find it extremely interesting how a small group of people are able to rise through the sea of mediocrity and attain power, through words and “promises” of a better future and how some people can come to the conclusion that you are morally inferior if you do not share the same religious views as them, which probably was imposed upon them when they were young, but that might be a generalization. These two topics alone incited many controversies throughout the progression of history, but people rarely put these two together. What I have done is simply doing 1+1, but the results yield a far more surprising answer. Similar to my approach in composing music,by playing certain note sequences together, the sound of the passage change and sometime even create a new emotion among the listeners. This is exactly the “new emotion”.

However, upon beginning my research, I have discovered that this issue of “political religion” is not only its own parasitic entity; it ties different sectors of society together and create this form of control which is brilliantly and silently imposed on us. But, we as a society are completely blinded of this issue. I wanted to bring this issue to light, and hopefully the readers of my blog post can pass this information on to others. Like my suggestion for the first step of change in my last post, spreading awareness. I believe that there is a bias that when a person critiques public entities such as religion and politics, they will be looked at in a different light, some may find these people brave for voicing out their concerns, some find these people to be the instigators of conflicts due to them not conforming to societal demands. I have been called many things and these are some of them. In the end, I just want to hopefully present the information I have gathered to the world with the least bias possible, however I am aware that my highly opinionated personality does not allow me to do so.

With the extensive amount of research material that are presented to me, my understanding of this issue has definitely increased because of the massive wave of information which I would have never thought of. It is truly eye-opening to discover that this is only a piece of the global operation that is oppression, a very little piece as well. To think that we live in a democratic society and would not be affected by a term that is so foreign to the first world, oppression. We are molded to believe that we are not affected, but in fact, we are in the middle of this. It is because of our status as a first world country that oppression is not visible.

This blogging experience taught me a valuable lesson which I will take on in life. Although we may be in a first world country, but global issues like this affects all of us. I end this post with these words, nothing is the absolute truth, question your surroundings and be the voice of the voiceless.


  1. Edison,
    I agree with the fact that you "brought this issue to light." I think a lot of people don't think that they could be misled by public figures because we're supposed to trust them. So I really enjoyed learning more about this issue through your blog. I can now say that I have a better view on this issue, compared to before when I really didn't have much concern.

    1. HI Emily,

      Well, being concerned is certainly better than now caring. As you are aware of this issue and hopefully you can spread awareness about this so we can quickly establish the winds of change. Again, my objective for posting this blog is to spread awareness of this issue, and I hope others will read this and they in turn will develop their own form of thinking etc.

  2. I can definitely say that before you started your blog I was not aware of the issue of "political religion". I was aware that religion proliferated into politics and power, but I did not know of some of the controversies and questioning acts committed by certain leaders. You have done an excellent job providing information and examples to us readers who were, at first, not aware that such an issue existed.

    1. Thank you Michelle,
      I hope I helped you understand this recurring issue that needs to be tackled. Society needs to be aware of this so they can protect themselves so we can fight this oppression.